Why is the locations/ location data coming up as undefined in my table?
  • I don't know what i have done wrong? Can you help? my fuction is working and bringing me back the: title, summary and company, but for the rest it just says undefined in my table?
    this is my function:

    function getVacancies() {
    var Postcode = $("#Postcode-input").val();
    var searchtitle = $("#search-input").val();
    var apiurl = "http://api.lmiforall.org.uk/api/v1/vacancies/search?postcode=";
    var apicall = apiurl + Postcode + "&keywords=" + searchtitle;
    $.get(apicall, function(data) {
    $("#Vacancies tbody").html("");
    $.each(data, function(i, e) {
    var tablerow = $("");
    tablerow.append("" + e.title + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.summary + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.company + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.city + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.area + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.postcode + "");
    tablerow.append("" + e.country + "");
    $("#Vacancies tbody").append(tablerow);

    and this is mt table:

    Vacancies in your Area

    Title Summary Company City Area Postcode Country

  • PhilippRustemeier
    LMIForAll Team Accepted Answer

    you probably want e.location.city, e.location.area and so on instead of e.city and e.area. It's one level deeper inside the object.

    Edit: it helps if you try out stuff in the API explorer and check out what the returned data looks like!

  • Thanks, that worked perfectly, and i am using the api but i didn't know about the depth of the object stuff

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